Independent Financial Advisor

Retirement Income Solutions is a locally-owned, fee-only, independent financial advisory firm. Because we do not answer to and are not influenced by any other interests, we are not pressured to provide “in-house” approaches of a parent firm or products offered by affiliates or third parties. We have the freedom to do what’s best for you.

We understand that trust, integrity and personalized service are of the utmost importance when you are considering a working relationship with a financial advisor. These attributes are frequently cited as reasons why our clients choose us to manage their financial affairs.

One-stop financial advice

Retirement Income Solutions is one of a small number of Michigan-based firms with the ability to provide comprehensive advice on all of your investments, no matter where they are located. We specialize in managing and addressing complicated financial situations. We can help with many different types of accounts and investments, as well as the questions, decisions and tradeoffs associated with managing your wealth.

  • Accounts
    IRA, 401K, 403b, annuities, taxable assets and more
  • Investments
    Mutual funds, ETFs, stocks, bonds, CDs and cash
  • Questions
    How should my various accounts work as a whole? Which account should I fund? Which account should I draw from first in retirement?

Our interests are in line with yours

Working for you as fee-only advisors means that our recommendations are carefully considered and genuinely in your interest. We don’t have any commissions to influence our thinking – our fees are based only on the value of your assets; therefore, our management fees only go up when the value of your assets goes up, and our fees go down whenever the value of your assets goes down.

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