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We have served the university communities throughout the area for more than 25 years. Of the over $1.7 billion in assets we currently have under management, approximately half is managed for the benefit of more than 700 university families.

Retirement Income Solutions is independent of TIAA, Fidelity and the area universities, however we do enjoy a working relationship that allows us to actively manage the university retirement accounts, without transferring assets and deduct our management fees directly from them, allowing you the ability to pay our fees with pre-tax dollars. 

We advise on 401k and 403b assets of employees and/or retirees of the University of Michigan, Michigan State University, Eastern Michigan University, and other universities and non-profit entities, as well as Ford, GM, Pfizer, and many other employers.

Developing a plan for you

TIAA employees can help you with TIAA accounts, and Fidelity employees can help you with Fidelity accounts, but we can coordinate those accounts with your other assets and choose from the best options available at each company.

Based upon your specific objectives, we select which funds to use in what percentages, choosing what we believe to be the best from among all of the choices open to you.

For example, if you have only TIAA, we choose from their fund lineup, but if you have TIAA and Fidelity, and a spouse has a 401k at Ford, we analyze the choices in these three separate retirement plans, choose the best, and coordinate management of the whole. Periodically, we re-evaluate the funds in your plan and determine which funds we believe you should avoid and which to use. For instance, at the University of Michigan, Vanguard funds were added to both the TIAA and Fidelity platforms, a few of which we have incorporated into our client portfolios. When changes should be made, we implement the appropriate changes ourselves. When we make a major change in our client portfolios, we notify our clients with email messages that explain the reasons for our move and our current view of the financial environment.

Some new clients say that they have "his and her accounts all over the place." There is no coordination, and they want help bringing together their accounts now and in the future. We help people do that. We provide quarterly reports that list and summarize all of the balances of your investments, as well as their performance versus a blended benchmark for the last quarter, year-to-date, last 12 months, and since the relationship with our firm began. As the "quarterback” of family affairs we communicate and interact with your CPA and estate planning attorney, if desired. Many people have never coordinated their 401k, 403b, IRA and taxable accounts with a family advisor in this way. When we help them do that and provide other insights, they feel much more comfortable with their investing and the belief that their retirement dreams may be attainable.

Read case studies for examples of how we are helping clients.

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