Our beginnings took root more than 30 years ago when founders and long-time friends Larry Hastie and Griff McDonald were each working independently as financial advisors. Having served in key roles at several major corporations and banks, with graduate degrees in business and finance, each brought extensive experience and wisdom to their respective clients.

For several years the two friends worked together in shared office space until they decided to combine their areas of expertise and present educational seminars focused on retirement planning under the name Retirement Income Solutions. The rest, as they say, is history.

Establishing our approach

In 1996, Larry, Griff, and their team of portfolio managers were pioneers – one of the first outside advisory firms in southeast Michigan to coordinate management of university retirement accounts, such as TIAA and Fidelity, with clients’ other investments.

After building a respected reputation for their knowledge and insight, and establishing a successful service record with clients, in the late 1990s Larry and Griff began actively managing assets for their clients. In 2002, they expected that the stock market would become more volatile in the years to come and established their Seasonal Approach to asset management, which was based on years of studying the markets, observing trends and applying astute analytical methods. This approach is a fundamental part of our proactive philosophy today.

Absolute integrity

However, Retirement Income Solutions wasn’t built on investment acumen alone. It was their high standard of integrity and care for clients that made the difference.

Along the way, the Retirement Income Solutions team has built a rapport with other professionals, such as accountants and estate-planning attorneys, to help meet our clients’ financial needs.

Today, with a team that includes Brock Hastie, who joined the firm in 2005 from Intel Corporation; Karen Chapell, who joined the firm in 2007 from Beacon Investment Company; Todd Kephart, who joined the firm in 2009 from TIAA-CREF; John Goff, who joined the firm in 2010 from TIAA-CREF; Pamela Loduca-Massa, who joined the firm in 2014 from TIAA-CREF and Evan Leroy, who joined the firm in 2018 from Bank of Ann Arbor, plus a support staff of more than 15 additional professionals, we continue to serve an expanding list of clients in Ann Arbor and beyond.

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